Shawn not only brings 18 years of experience trading capital markets, he also was the Director of Trading Floor Development at Day Trade The World™ and had successfully owned two trading floors.  Shawn has helped create numerous training programs for traders and managers alike and has travelled the world opening up trading floors for DTTW.  As a result, he has in-depth experience with trading global capital markets and a keen passion for education and the advancement of trading strategies.  His high energy and passion leaves many amazed.


Neal is a host and trader with TraderTVLive. A University of Waterloo graduate in Economics, he started as a day trader in 2003. Within 2 years he was a top two trader on the floor and opened a trading office in 2006 with Shawn Catena. He has now settled back to the Toronto floor where he continues to  both trade and risk manage.


Brendan Wickens brings his experience in broadcast media to the exciting world of Day Trade The World™ and TraderTV.Live. After serving as Senior Business Reporter for a major media content provider in Canada for 15 years, Brendan shifted his focus to the trading world joining Day Trade The World™ in 2013. With an educational background in Radio Broadcasting and Journalism Brendan has a thirst for information and an unmatched desire to know the “whole story”. 


Valeriia Kadrgulova is a social media coordinator at TraderTV.Live. Valeriia moved to Toronto from Russia 5 years ago and graduated here from a Broadcast Journalism program. With the passion for communication, Valeriia updates the TraderTV.Live viewers with the latest announcements and motivates them to support the show.