Our Mission

We value education above all, aiming to bring insight about trading, stocks, strategies, market news, and more. By trading real money in real time, our intent is to provide knowledge over P/L, that can be accessible to all audiences around the world.

* We do not wish to associate with any related affiliate marketing.


Our reach consists of a multi-generational audience, with 8+ hours of dailylive trading and market news. For junior companies, this sets an invaluable experience for high exposure to potential mid to long-term investors.

TraderTV.LIVE has the chance to feature a plethora of businesses, broadcasting unique successes to a loyal audience of active investors, hungry for the next big opportunity. Whether it be new listings or graduations on to the TSV, TSX, OTC, NYSE, CSE, NEO or NASDAQ,

“TraderTV is the best place for traders to get an inside look from market professionals.”– Jeff Mendl, Head of Broker Dealer Sales, OTC Markets

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